R.I.P. The Bulletin Board?

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by PoizonMushro0m, Sep 11, 2017.


What would like to done with The Bulletin Board?

Keep it up! 2 vote(s) 66.7%
Shut it down! 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. PoizonMushro0m Nintendo GameCube fanboy

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    After several years of minimal activity, is it time for The Bulletin Board to get shut down? I would love to see another resurgence of activity here, but given the success that our Discord had when it was just meant to just replace our IRC Chat, I doubt it would be likely at this rate. I know it isn't my place to suggest anything for the forum as it is ultimately Jake's decision in the end, but there already has been minor discussions of this on the Discord server.

    What would you prefer happen to The Bulletin Board? Would you like to keep it up as an archive or in case of an eventual resurgence of activity? Would you like to see it get shut down? Put your thoughts down below and maybe we could see some activity here for the first time in almost a year!
  2. Drago Wiki Super Dragon

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    While I agree that there hasn't been much activity, there are a few snags. First, closing The Bulletin Board down means we can no longer view old threads. Second, a few users (myself included) are still using this site for status updates, which are missing on Discord. Third, we'd have to get Jake's approval (as you said). Fourth, the domain doesn't expire until June 2018 anyway.

    So, I would say no to a closure for now, but review the situation again when the domain is just about to expire.
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  3. SuperHamster Kevin

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    While it's inactive and has pretty much run its course, I'd also like to keep it up for now for the reasons Drago stated.

    Another reason: assuming we get the Animal Crossing mobile app, and perhaps a Switch game in the next year or two, we'll see a surge in editing and discussion. While Discord does work well, we might also see the forums used for longer discussions and decision making.

    Basically, no rush to shut it down. If we do end up keeping it in the long-run, however, I think we should definitely re-focus the forums to be focused on editing and staff.
  4. Miku51 Active Member

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    It should remain up in the hopes that the inevitable mobile and switch title generate interest. I feel as if the concept of a forum is starting to see the end thanks to sites like Reddit however its still important to keep our place here for those who want a dedicated channel for discussion
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